I am Elisha Birkenholtz, and I can’t wait to share many adventures with you!  I have lived most of my life in small-town Iowa and have two beautiful daughters, Charly (14) and Olive (7).  I think I spent the first 29 years of my life figuring out what the rest of my years would look like.  I came to the conclusion –  I don’t want to just have a life, I want to live my life.  So, that’s what I have been doing for the past four years.

I always had a thirst to learn more about anything or everything.  Whether it was someone’s line of work, a new hobby, the science of nutrition, another culture – whatever!  In the past six years, I applied my learning to help shape my life’s trajectory.

It’s about passion.  I am passionate about a lot.  I became passionate, outwardly – I didn’t just leave it in my head.  And, when I shared my passions of food, finding adventures, riding, traveling, and parenting – people took notice.  Their notice was encouraging, supportive, and appreciated.  So, that’s what brought me to this blog.

I want to take you on my adventures.  My adventures of parenting, cooking, traveling, and living!  So, this encompasses a lot!  But, this entire blog idea really came to life, when I got on the back of a motorcycle – and that’s where my very first blog post comes in, and introduces the path I want to take!